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Filmmaking Gear - Cinematographer set
Available for pick-up during normal working hours
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A complete bundle for a Cinema Camera package:
-Blackmagic Pocket cinema camera
-M4/3 to Nikon F speedbooster
-Rig Cage with top handle
-Shoulder Mount
-Matte Box
-Follow Focus
-Nikon Lens set (18-55/24-70/35mm/50mm/70-300)
-5” monitor
-Np-f970 battery
-Filters (ND set / Promist with flares)

This package doesn’t provide memory cards,
You need to have a memory card of at least 90mb/s speed
Package suits perfectly Audiovisual students and commercial shoots as well as indie films.
Camera approved by Netflix in the documentary category.
Filming , editing and coloring services available too for an affordable price.

Is an ID required?: Yes
Deposit Amount: 50%
Always complete booking on Ajjerni to have a record of your rentals:
Beirut Beirut - Metn, Lebanon
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